About Us

The Society, Is a Revolutionary Nationalist movement of young like-minded individuals who want to protect the progression of our people, Our heritage and put Scottish people first in their own country.

We support closed borders and strict immigration laws so that our people aren’t quietly ethnically cleansed from our own homeland, Also we wish that our Government would reintroduce section 28 to prohibit the promotion of homosexuality in our schools.

Our organisation is against race mixing, We promote the traditional family values so we do not condone homosexuality and all of our members must participate in bettering themselves both mentally and physically, Weakness is not tolerated.

There is a cell structure in place and we are currently recruiting in cities all over Scotland, He who owns the youth gains the future and we intend to own the future!

We will not stand for left-wing traitors brainwashing our folk with their poisonous rhetoric and once our people are awakened to the lies and deceit that surrounds us everyday in Scotland then we will have an army behind us, Ready to reclaim our country.

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