About Us

We are a movement of young like-minded individuals who want to protect the progression of our people and our heritage and put Scottish people first in their own country.

We support closed borders and strict immigration laws so that our people aren’t quietly ethnically cleansed from our own homeland, for example, look what is happening in London. The capital of England and the United Kingdom as a whole.


You can see from the data above crime is on the rise due to mass uncontrolled immigration into not only our country but also all across Europe.

We as Scots, do not want our country that is our birthright to turn into the mess that is London. We do not want to live in cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh where we are treated as second-class citizens. The Romans marched through Europe and were abruptly stopped at Caledonia and it will be the same for anyone who wants to come here, and exploit our economy. It is our duty as a nation to deport known criminals that aren’t of Scottish descent back to their own countries as we already have enough problems of our own. It is a fact that London has become a progressive crime hotbed since the mass influx of foreigners. If you import third world people you bring along with it third world problems.

We hope to build a group of strong nationalists who will help shape Scotland’s future and help make Scotland as great as it once was, SNS have no affiliation with any political parties in Scotland.

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